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About Us

Kiamichi Family Medical Center, Inc. is committed to providing affordable health care of the highest possible quality to our patients in southeast Oklahoma. To achieve this goal, we participate in the National Health Disparities Collaborative, a federally sponsored partnership between Community Health Centers and health care-quality researchers across the country.

In addition to helping patients with self-management goals in chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, the collaborative allows us to provide care that exceeds national standards in treatment protocols and patient health outcomes.

Each year, health center grantees report performance using the measures defined in the Uniform Data System (UDS). The UDS is a standardized reporting system that provides consistent information about health centers and look-alikes. For more information about Kiamichi Family Medical Center’s performance, visit the Health Resources & Services Administration.


A Community Health Center


Kiamichi Family Medical Center is known as a Community Health Center. We’re the first of its kind opened in Oklahoma in accord with an initiative created by President George W. Bush, who wanted to double the number of these centers nationwide while doubling the number of people served by them. Because of this status, we receive federal funding that allows us to serve patients, regardless of their ability to pay.

We provide comprehensive primary, preventive, dental and behavioral health care to rural Oklahomans. The health center received a federal grant to open its Battiest location in May 2002. A second federally supported site opened in Idabel in May 2006. We are a public, non-profit organization that receives federal funding that lets us provide services to patients, regardless of their ability to pay.


Kiamichi Family Medical Center Board Meeting


A meeting of the Kiamichi Family Medical Center Board will be held on Wednesday, May 19, 2021 at 9:30am at the at the KFMC Conference Room in Idabel. There will be discussion and possible action on every item. Click here to view agenda.


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